Over and above the Government Scholarship given (SC/ST /OEC, KPCR, OBC, SEBC etc.) the college provides the following scholarships:
  • Scholarships (General)
    1. Scholarships for Economically Backward students.
  • Scholarship for students from specified categories
    1. Mar Mathew Vattakuzhy Endowment Scholarship. (Available only to students who belong to Kanjirappally Diocese).
    2. Scholarships for Dalit Christian Students.
  • Merit cum means scholarships
    1. Mar Mathew Arackal Endowment Scholarship. (One student from each class is entitled to get this scholarship).
    2. Fr George Ampazhathunkal Endowment Scholarship. (This is a merit cum means scholarship for outstanding students. This scholarship is awarded only to five students identified by the scholarship committee)
    3. Three merit cum means scholarship for outstanding students belonging to SC/ ST communities. (Available only to students in UG Departments.)
    4. Principal’s Endowment (This is a merit cum means scholarship for outstanding girl students.)
    5. Endowments from Departments
    6. ‘Caridade’ scholarship initiated by the students of M Com, guided by Dr Chackochan J. Njavallil
  • We Care and Share
  • This is a new initiative of Marian, introduced during the academic year 2014-15. Under this scheme every year deserving students in need of financial support are identified and given interest free loans. The funds required for this initiative is generated through contributions from alumni, parents and benefactors.