Internal Compliance Committee (Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell)

Marian college Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) has developed an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell in accordance with the UGC, NAAC, and Supreme Court rules in order to offer a healthy and welcoming environment for the staff and students of the College. The Cell has well-defined guidelines and norms for a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. The college has entrusted the task of developing principles and procedures for combating sexual harassment to this cell. By organising awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of all members of the College, the Cell promotes measures aimed at attaining gender equality, removing gender prejudice or discrimination, sexual harassment, and other acts of gender-based violence.

Please feel free to contact the following number if you have any harassment concerns.

Internal Compliance Committee

Ms Amruth K John : 9447812289
Dr Reni Thomas : 9738117550
Ms Rosamma KS : 8078327485
Rev Sr Caroline FCC : 9747706424
Rev Sr Jain SH : 8281866232