The most challenging task of these days is to break the chain of Covid – 19 and thereby being safe. Marianites are busy with staying healthy and in helping others to stay healthy. Here are some of the precautionary measures taken by Marianites;
  • Act 1: Wash your Hands Enough hand washes were made available in the hostels as well as in the colleges. It helped students to clean their hands frequently.
  • Act 2: Stay Informed Accurate information of Covid – 19 and its healthy measures were given through Marian’s social media platforms. It helped her students to stay informed and share those with their friends.
  • Act 3: Go Online First-year UG/PG students were provided the opportunity to appear for model examination and to submit assignment over the internet. It was made possible using the Moodle platform of the college.
  • Act 4: Reminders Reminder boards were placed in the nook and corner of the college, reminding students not to stay back in college after examinations and to stay healthy.