Conference Theme
This seminar focuses on the intersection between new and emerging technologies and best practices in teaching and learning. The advent of data analytics in education has revolutionized the landscape of the sector and has opened up a world of novel technological approaches that have radically transformed the model of traditional teaching and learning. Data analytics have now seeped into the nerves of education system attaining ground breaking and tremendous results. Paradigms of education are now making a shift to incorporate mutual online, hybrid and blended learning and teaching. Data analytics has the ability to enhance the operational process of decision making besides making an assessment of educational performance against institutional objectives. COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. The education sector is observing a major disruption due to the closure of educational campuses. Educators are coming up with novel ways to enhance their current teaching using virtual space as well as artificial intelligence and making it more multifaceted which not only maintains the interest of the students but also helps to develop competencies and skills of their students. This seminar focuses faculty, staff and students from across the disciplines sharing teaching and learning strategies and the effective uses of technology in the classroom.

Keynote Speaker : Dr Eva Y.W.WONG, PFHEA
Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning
Principal Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK
Hong Kong Baptist University