• Marian offers residential facilities to its students and staff. There are two hostels for boys and three hostels for girls which offer absolute security, comfortable accommodation and tasty food for students at a reasonable rate. Both hostels are situated amidst a glistening panoramic view rich with greenery. They provide comfortable and conducive atmosphere to develop the innate abilities of hostellers.The men’s hostel can accommodate 1000 students. The ladies hostel has can accommodate 700 students. Both hostels are under the supervision of Reverend fathers and nuns. The hostel mess caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The kitchen is spacious and has modern facilities which helps in serving delicious healthy and nutritious food. Special care is taken to maintain strict hygienic condition.
  • The hostel directors render their full support in all Marian activities. The 'Hostel day' organized by hostel inmates, 'College day' and fests organized by the students of various departments take place in the college every year.
  • The hostel has an in-house Laundry unit which was set up to facilitate students. The college laundry service is equipped with state-of-the-art imported machinery such as industrial washing machine, industrial dryer and industrial ironing machine. Separate laundry bags are provided to the students for organizing the clothes without confusion. The laundry facility is available to students at a nominal fee.The hostel also has an in-house Mini snack bar which caters to the student needs. The hostellers need not move out of the campus to buy their basic essentials and snacks.
  • Other facilities within the hostel include:
    • Gym
    • Badminton court
    • Prayer hall
    • Reading room
    • 24 hour Wi-Fi
    • 24 hour water supply
Gents Hostel
Fr Mathew Narippara (Paul Iby Hostel) +91 9544611552, 04869-208899
Fr James Kozhimala (Maryknoll Hostel) +91 9446924683, 04869-208866
Fr Shaiju K. S. (Maryknoll Hostel) +91 9605108006, 04869-208877
Accountant + UG Warden +91 9744121282
Rajesh (Hostel Assistant, Gents) +91 9447985603
Gents Hostel (Common) 04869-208888, +91 8113065314
Babychan (Mess Manager) +91 9446222846, +91 9747370240
Hostel Kitchen (Gents Hostel) 04869-208855
Ladies Hostel
Sr Mercy FCC (Marian Girls Hostel) +91 9747733601
Sr Carolin FCC (Marian Girls Hostel) +91 9747706424
Sr Jain SH ( S H Hostel) +91 8281866232
S H Girls Hostel (Common) +91 9387844830
Sr Tomcy CMC (Amala Girls Hostel) +91 9495839199
Amala Girls Hostel (Common) 04869-232014