• Devika Unni, Alphonse Tomy On 01-01-2020

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Programme: Devika Unni, Alphonse Tomy
Date: 01-01-2020 Event ID:
Criteria: Criterion V: Student Support and Progression
Key Aspect: 5.1 Student Support
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Description: Devika Unni and Alphonse M Tomy II year MMH hosted the new year programme at Sarovar Portico Resort at Kumili. The programme was well appreciated by the guests and the hotel managers. The students received an honorarium of Rs.5000, over and above one night stay in the deluxe suite with preference food.
Uploaded By: Mr Joby Cyriac , Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

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    1.An Interactive Session With Marian College IQAC Coordinator

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