• personality development On 07-02-2020

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About the Event
Programme: personality development
Date: 07-02-2020 Event ID: 178
Criteria: Criterion V: Student Support and Progression
Key Aspect: 5.1 Student Support
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Resource Person/Type of Activity: Mr. Sanju P Cherian
Number of participants: 40

Description: Activity oriented class,team building activities
Uploaded By: Ms Neethu Anil , Research and PG Department of Commerce

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    1.The class was so amazing, I never participate in such a wonderfull class.
    2.The class was so interesting, The game conducted was good overall nice class
    3.The class was so interesting, and the sections were very different and Such a wonderfull to me

6. List of Participants

  • SlNo.# Name Designation & Institution Email
    1. Sachin Student
    Marian college
    2. Dipin Babu Student
    Marian College Kuttikkanam
    3. Kavya Santhosh Student
    Marian College Kuttikkanam
    4. Deeja Mathew Student
    Marian college kuttikkanam
    deejaMathew01@gmail. Com
    5. Rint Sebastian Student
    Marian college kuttikkanam
    6. Nikhil ks Student
    Marian college kuttikkanam
    ksnikhil773@gmail. Com