Student Life

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Marian agrees with this saying and thus along with regular studies the college has a plethora of co-curricular activities, organized and run by students. It includes festivals and competitions organized by various departments in public speaking, debating, quiz, creative writing, painting, dramatics and theatre etc which contribute to the wholesome development of the students.

Apart from the cultural nourishment, Marian focuses on enriching the students’ physical health too. The college has well equipped gymnasiums for both boys and girls. Marian is fortunate to have efficient physical education trainers who train the students in various games like basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, throw ball, volleyball and cricket. The lively courts fill the day with entertainment and energy. There is special martial arts training for girls in addition to regular aerobics classes.

There is a cafeteria and two snack bars on the campus from where students can get yummy food and snacks. Shops that would satisfy all the basic requirements of the students such as ATM counters, small textile shops, DTP centers, ladies stores, photo studios etc are available at Kuttikkanam junction. The campus offers 24 hour internet facility.

One of the key features of Marian is its availability of computer labs and library even after the daily working hours. Students can access the college library from 8am-8pm (girls) and 8am-10pm (boys), where they can read newspapers, collect study materials and prepare notes. The college has separate computer labs for UG and PG students. PG students have round the clock lab access with internet connection and UG students have access to the lab from 8am to 8pm (girls) and 8am-10pm (boys).

Marian offers residential facilities to its students and staff. There are two hostels for boys and three hostels for girls which offer absolute security, comfortable accommodation and tasty food for students at a reasonable rate. The ‘Hostel day’ organized by hostel inmates, ‘College day’ and fests organized by the students of various departments take place in the college every year.

Students of Marian are truly blessed as they receive myriad opportunities in the campus. At Marian, individuals cherish great learning experiences guided through enthusiastic activities and community life. The cool and fresh weather of Kuttikkanam gives an exotic feeling to the students and aids in the enlightenment of students with technologically advanced learning.