Marian Women Cell

Marian Women Cell has been instituted to provide a conducive environment for girls and women to facilitate their participation and success in higher education and to ensure their freedom, safety and security in an atmosphere of equality and dignity.

What is sexual harassment?

According to the Supreme Court, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexually determined behaviour such as:
•Physical contact and advances, obscene gestures
•Eve teasing, verbal abuse, cracking lewd jokes, making sexually suggestive remarks, circulating rumours
•Blackmailing, stalking, bullying, threatening
•A demand or request for sexual favours
•Showing pornographic pictures, books or papers
•Use of electronic media-phone, internet, intranet to perpetrate any of the above
•Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

The law on sexual harassment

"The Supreme Court, which regards sexual harassment as a violation of human rights and as a form of systematic discrimination against women, has issued guidelines to prevent as well as punish perpetrators of sexual harassment."

UGC Asks Universities to Establish Cells to Deal With Women Harassment Cases

In the wake of increased atrocities on women and growing trend of gender bias in the seats of higher learning, University Grants Commission (UGC) has directed all universities in the country and institutes of higher learning to set up separate cells to monitor and deal with sexual harassment cases.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women to take their own decisions and make them independent in all aspects of mind, thought, rights, decisions, etc by transcending all crippling social limitations.

Women Safety

University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman Ved Prakash has written to all educational institutions asking them to ensure that campuses are safe for “all students, especially women”.


  • Vision

    To ensures gender equality and safeguard the rights of female students by providing a safe and dignified environment on the campus.

  • Mission

    Marian women cell is committed to achieving this vision through providing a platform for listening to complaints, quick redressal of grievances and sensitizing female students on gender issues.


• Equipping female students with a knowledge of their legal rights
• Resolving issues related to sexual harassment
• Providing classes in defence training by expert personnel
• Incorporating hygiene habits and ensuring a healthy, sustainable atmosphere on the campus
• Regular counselling sessions with certified counsellors

• Conducting seminars and lectures by specialists and eminent personalities
• Periodic panel discussions, debates and workshops
• Well-equipped crèche, with the services of a trained nurse, for the infants of teaching faculty and married students who are young mothers


Aiming to transform attitudes, perceptions and practices to nurture the body, mind and spirit of women

Judo: To help young girls develop assertiveness and confidence to face day-to-day challenges, to have a disciplined mind and stay in focus

Yoga: “For breath is life and if you breathe well you will live long on earth”. – Sanskrit proverb Yoga helps purge the mind of anxiety and needless worry. It provides instant gratification and lasting transformation

Talks: Seminars, talks, debates, competitions, workshops and community services aimed at raising the general consciousness of the student community

News & Events

Women Safety Awareness Class

Women safety awareness class. Female students of all batches should attend.

Judo Class

Judo classes for female students of all batches by Ms. Sonia Scaria of the department of physical education.

Women Cell Inauguration

Marian Women Cell 2017-2018 inauguration on 27th July 2017. The Chief Guest: Ms. Roshan Thomas, Chief Judicial Magistrate. Talk on: 'Women Empowerment and Legal Rights'.


Marian Women Cell
Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous)
Peermade, Idukki (Dist) Kerala, India - 685531

Grievance Reporting

Grievances related to any of the abuses mentioned above may be communicated to the Marian Women Cell Coordinator at or +91 9895629192.

All grievances shall be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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